Binod Nirvan2019-07-22T10:29:19-04:00

Binod Nirvan

Founder @ MixERP

Mr. Binod Nirvan acts as a Smart Contract Auditor as part of the Virtual Rehab team.

Mr. Nirvan is an enthusiastic entrepreneur focusing on assisting startups turn their ideas into reality. He has an offshore team in India and Nepal that have been working together in helping several startups build revolutionary apps, highly reducing the cost to launch, and maintaining web and mobile application.

Mr. Nirvan has founded several ISVs specializing in CBS, Insurance, HRM, and ERP. He has over a decade of experience in developing software solutions. He is proficient in software development: Javascript, HTML5, Semantic UI, Foundation,, C#, Solidity, Java, PostgreSQL Server, and a few more.

Mr. Nirvan always has a passion to contribute something meaningful to the open source community and he believes when you give, you get more. MixERP project gave him an opportunity to contribute back to the open source community. MixERP is state-of-the-art, mobile friendly, and cloud-optimized ERP solution.