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 What are the Benefits of Working with Virtual Rehab?

At Virtual Rehab, our core values revolve around Excellence, Professionalism, and Transparency.

Moreover, we have built a culture which focuses on our employees’ best interests. We strongly believe that the more you give to your employees, the more they will give back to the organization. In fact, we believe that every employee is a partner with our firm and we only hire leaders who are comfortable running with their own show.

Our employees are our key asset and as a result, below are some of the perks that we offer those who work with Virtual Rehab.

Family Comes First

Although working and delivering to our firm’s goals and objectives is very important, we wholeheartedly believe that family is even more important. That’s why, at Virtual Rehab, Family Comes First. Our employees will have the liberty to take time off in case they need to be with their family due to an event, a celebration, or an emergency. No questions asked.

Unlimited Maternity & Paternity Leave

Mothers need to be well-rested after delivering their newborn baby (or babies). Fathers, on the other hand, need to make sure that they enjoy, help, and celebrate those precious moments with their family. That’s why, at Virtual Rehab, we have an Unlimited Maternity & Paternity Leave policy. As long as you know how to balance between the firm’s needs and your own family’s needs, that’s all that matters. No questions asked.

Very Flexible Working

Yes. We do not have fixed working hours. At Virtual Rehab, we believe that our employees need to work at their own liberty. So, nope, you don’t have to work 9 to 5. We, obviously, won’t stop you from doing so. However, you are equally welcome to start your day at odd working hours. As long as you deliver to the firm’s objectives, you are your own boss. No questions asked.

Unlimited Vacation Time

You knew this one was coming. Yes. You read it right. Unlimited Vacation Time. Do we need to say more ? No questions asked.

Unlimited Sick Days

Not feeling well ? Take a rest at the comfort of your home. We need you healthy, at all times. Remember, you are our most important asset. No questions asked.

Remote Working

We don’t want you to spend an hour or two of your time, every single day, travelling to and from work. We believe that with remote working, the time that you spend commuting to and from work can be better used to increase your work productivity. Therefore, you will have the liberty to work from your home or wherever you feel comfortable. Just make sure that you prioritize your work with our business partners and that’s all we care about. No questions asked.

Celebrate Major Religious Holidays Together

It is no secret that the world can do with more tolerance, understanding, and open dialogue among people of different faiths. That’s why, at Virtual Rehab, whether you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, a Sikh, or a Buddhist, you will have a paid day-off on all major religious holidays. Yes. We keep track of all of them. No questions asked.

Work Smart & Play Hard

Need to travel to attend a sporting event or you need some time off for a major upcoming tournament ? No problem. Again, the golden rule is – make sure you deliver to our firm’s business objectives and you are welcome to act as you wish. No questions asked.

Giving Back

At Virtual Rehab, Giving Back to our community through Volunteer work is of much importance. That’s why, you will be granted one paid day leave per month for volunteering purposes. We all have equally important role in making this world a better place to live in for all of us and we want you to contribute to this cause as much as you can. No questions asked.

Long Distance Calling Expenses

Need to make international phone calls to speak with your business partners overseas ? No problem. Our business partners always come first. Make sure you submit your expenses at the end of every month and we will reimburse you for all the cost incurred. No questions asked.