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Francois Normandeau

Investment Specialist

Mr. Francois Normandeau is a member of Virtual Rehab’s Advisory Board.

Post completion of his academic studies in Finance, German and Psychology, Mr. Normandeau pursued a real estate curriculum, focused on real estate finance. After a period of 10 years in real estate, he decided to learn futures day trading, under the supervision of Larry Williams, the famous futures trader. He then became a specialist of the US Oil Market as well as US Bonds.

In his 15-year career as a day trader, he gave numerous courses to traders, with a strong emphasis on performance improvement, using alternative techniques such as visualization, meditation, and specific exercises used by successful achievers (top athletes and renowned business executives). He integrated studies in hypnotherapy as well as other fields of interest to constantly improve the Peak Performance Workshops given to traders and other specific groups.

By the end of 2016, Mr. Normandeau decided to venture into new challenges and moved to Spain, where he learned ways to create and to realize, all around the world, institutional roadshows as well as conferences where multiple companies were introduced to investors. At the same time, he also assisted TradingView increase their market share in all French-speaking countries. He acted as the Regional Director (France, Switzerland & Belgium) in Q1 and Q2 of 2017. He now devotes his professional activities to assisting fintech/blockchain/cryptocurrency companies as a fundraising coordinator as well as for any PR and Marketing activities worldwide.

Mr. Normandeau lives mostly in Europe, is fluent in four languages, and has a vast network of contacts. On his rare days off, he enjoys the art of winemaking as well as the science of multihull racing.

He is particularly interested in assisting Virtual Rehab since he knows only too well the toll that addictions take on individuals, as he has seen some day traders and famous business people become addicted to either substances or damaging behaviors, sometimes leading to tragic outcomes.

Virtual Rehab is, in his opinion, not only an interesting project, but a necessary human endeavor.