Integrating Pundi X as part of the Virtual Rehab Solution

Virtual Rehab’s evidence-based solution leverages the advancements in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies for psychological rehabilitation of vulnerable populations (pain management, prevention of substance use disorders, enhancement of autistic individuals’ communication skills, and rehabilitation of repeat offenders)

Hello Virtual Rehab Community,

Hope you are well.

First off, thank you for all the love received post our announcement of our partnership with Pundi X. The support received was great and we very much appreciate it.

Second, thank you for voting for us to be hosted on the Binance podcast. We received over 100 votes and we are excited about the potential opportunity. We are still awaiting official communication from the Binance team as to whether they will go ahead with our invitation. We shall keep you all posted.

And now, to the topic of this Medium article — how is Pundi X going to be integrated as part of the Virtual Rehab solution?

We have received numerous questions about this and we hope that this article will clarify our partnership with Pundi X further.

As many of you already know by now, Virtual Rehab provides evidence-based solutions using virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies for psychological rehabilitation of vulnerable populations.

We have two business models:

  • B2B (Business-to-Business)
  • B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

So, let’s tackle these one by one along with the respective implications of the Pundi X solution accordingly.

B2B (Business-to-Business) Offering

This is our current operating model in which the Virtual Rehab solution is extended to rehab centers, hospitals, and correctional facilities.

The model will continue to be the same and no major changes shall be introduced.

Having said that, we will be promoting the use of Pundi X’s XPOS solution to our existing clients.

For those who are unaware yet, the XPOS is a point-of-sale device which allows any store to buy, to sell and to accept digital currency.

Credit to Marcio Gomes (@consultorcbima1)

Similarly, just like any store, we will promote the use of the XPOS by the medical institutions to allow patients to transact with the VRH token. Payments will be made through VRH (using the user’s Virtual Rehab XPASS card or XWallet) and the transaction will be processed by consuming some NPXS (Pundi X’s token).

For those unaware, the XWallet allows users to make digital payments using their mobile device.

It is then up to the medical institution, whether they wish to keep the received payment in VRH or exchange it into Fiat.

Why would any medical institution go ahead with this solution?

Great question.

First of all, it will be optional and it is up to the medical institution whether they wish to go ahead with the solution or not.

Having said that, our clients are very forward-thinking, otherwise, they would not have even entertained our Virtual Rehab solution in the first place, as we are everything but a traditional offering.

Moreover, we will be providing our clients with certain incentives that will provide an additional discount on top of our standard offering, to entice them to make use of our VRH token and the XPOS solution as well. Now, who wouldn’t like a discount?

B2C (Business-to-Consumer) Offering

This is an easy one as we have complete control on maximizing the benefits of our partnership with Pundi X.

As a reminder, in the B2C model, we will be serving the end users directly to ensure that we maximize the utility of the VRH token.

Do you still remember what are the use cases of the VRH token? (Forgot already???)

OK. Let us remind you.

The VRH utility token has four use cases:

  • Allows users to order and to download programs from Virtual Rehab Online Portal
  • Allows users to request additional analysis (using Virtual Rehab’s patented unique expert system, which uses Artificial Intelligence) of executed programs
  • Incentivizes users with VRH tokens reward for using our Virtual Rehab solution AND seeking help and counselling from medical doctors, psychologists, and therapists (Proof of Therapy)
  • Allows users to pay for services received at the Virtual Rehab Therapy Center (VRTC)

By the way, following legal review by a Maltese law firm, we received a confirmation that our VRH token is a Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) and not a financial instrument. Please see tweet below:

Sorry for the segway there 🙂

So, back to where we were at:

For the first and the second use case, we will be working with Pundi X to allow users to acquire our services through the use of Pundi X’s XWallet.

For the third use case, which is the incentives received by our users for taking care of their mental health and their psychological well-being, we will work with Pundi X to leverage their Open Platform in the future to make this happen. Pundi X is working on this as we speak.

Finally, the last use case is an easy one. We will deploy XPOS to every single Virtual Rehab Therapy Center (VRTC) and we will transact using the VRH token accordingly. Users will be able to transact using their Virtual Rehab XPASS card or through their XWallet. Users will have the option of paying in Fiat. However, it will be more costly to do so. We believe that this will further promote mass adoption of our VRH token accordingly.

Personal Data Protection and Personal Privacy

When dealing with the most vulnerable populations out there, privacy and security of information/data shared, become extremely important. Unfortunately, as of today, this information is publicly available and could be accessed through online databases which expose the identities of these vulnerable populations. As a result, this prevents these populations from re-integrating back into society and from becoming an effective part of it as well.

Fortunately, this level of privacy/data protection can all be made possible when integrating blockchain technology as part of the Virtual Rehab solution. We will not gather the first name or the last name of these vulnerable populations — they will be associated with a wallet address. The only information which will be gathered are the age, the gender, the race, the biometrics (heart rate, blood pressure, biodermal activity), and the eye-tracking. This will ensure complete HIPAA compliance and anonymity of these vulnerable populations’ information/data.

Moreover, Virtual Rehab is solving an even bigger problem which is data sharing among medical institutions, correctional departments, researchers, and patients worldwide. As of today, this data cannot be accessed due to privacy and due to patient protection laws. However, with our Virtual Rehab solution, everyone will have access to this information, which is completely anonymous and would allow for a database of input data and metrics to be accessed, which can further enhance existing research in the area of mental health through the global collaboration of researchers and medical professionals from around the world. Patients will also be able to access this data and find some synergies or relations with their existing symptoms and attempt to apply some best practices accordingly.

And Finally …

We strongly believe that the integration of Pundi X as part of the Virtual Rehab solution will further allow us to offer a complete end-to-end solution with the privacy and the protection intended in the first place.

We hope that this article addresses many of the questions you had. In case you still have more questions to ask, please feel free to reach out to us in our Telegram Group.

Oh and by the way, don’t forget that we launched a generous Telegram Engagement Giveaway. We are giving away a total of 20,000 VRH tokens (worth $2,000). So, the more you ask questions about Virtual Rehab, and the more you are inquisitive about our business, the higher the chance that you shall be rewarded accordingly.

And always remember …

Be Safe and Make a Difference in this World !!!

Peace Out !

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