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Central to encouraging people not to reoffend is rehabilitation, something that can take a lot of time, money and effort to achieve successfully – even just for one inmate. But one startup has come forward with a possible solution: Virtual Rehab. It’s fairly new, having just launched earlier this month, and has a vision of reducing the number of repeat offences and re-imprisonment.

Rachael Power Editor, VRTech

Eppure scopriamo ogni giorno applicazioni nuove che sfruttano il VR per migliorare le condizioni di vita di alcune persone. E’ il caso di Virtual Rehab, una startup newyorkese che ha deciso di portare in carcere un progetto di riabilitazione globale. La compagnia è convinta che la magia immersiva della realtà virtuale possa supportare le fasi di reinserimento delle persone prossime a una scarcerazione.

Antonino Caffo Journalist, Data Manager Online

Virtual reality (VR) technology has drawn a lot of attention for its ability to stimulate our senses and transport us to another version of reality. The value of the technology is being recognised beyond entertainment, and is percolating into industries such as education, real estate, and now prisoner rehabilitation, through New York-based startup Virtual Rehab.

Tas Bindi Journalist, ZDNet

In der Virtual Reality können Häftlinge lernen, Konflikte gewaltlos auszutragen. Mit den VR-Anwendungen, die Virtual Rehab entwickelt, können Häftlinge beispielsweise lernen, wie man eine Autobatterie auswechselt. Das ist etwas, das in einem Gefängnis normalerweise nicht möglich wäre. Ein weiterer Anwendungsbereich sind virtuelle Konfliktszenarios.

Tomislav Bezmalinovic Editor, VRODO

But what about a disruption that does not affect us as consumers, but as a society and as taxpayers? What about leveraging the advancements of technology to help a group of people that are often overlooked, and in turn have positive impact on society itself? That is what one NY based startup is trying to do. Virtual Rehab’s goal is to reduce the number of repeat offenses and re-incarceration rates by leveraging Virtual Reality to educate and rehabilitate.

Virtual Reality Magazine vrobserver, Virtual Reality Magazine

VRには受刑者の社会復帰訓練と教育を行う力があり、究極的には、受刑者が釈放後によりよい生活を送る準備を調え、再犯と再収監を減らし … 同社はVR技術を使い、性犯罪者や家庭内暴力の加害者、その他の受刑者に対して、実用的な職業訓練とともに、矯正サービスと社会復帰訓練プログラムを提供することを目指している。… Virtual Rehabはまた、現実世界で起こり得る、人同士が対立している状況に対する受刑者の反応をテストし、結果に応じて点数をつけている。

ZDNet Japan ZDNet Japan

目前,Virtual Rehab正在让性侵犯犯人、家庭暴力犯、盗窃犯等罪犯利用VR的技术,来进行工作技能上的训练。犯人们需要在VR的环境中完整一些实际的操作,例如给一台汽车更换电池。借助传感反馈技术,整个过程会更加的逼真。例如,当犯人在汽车还没有完全停止工作的时候更换电池,犯人会感受到一阵轻微的电击,这种操作经验是可以转化成实际的工作技能的。此外,Virtual Rehab也在VR的环境中测试服刑者对于暴力冲突场面的反应。… 目前全球监狱服刑人士数量在1050万左右,其中美国有2.2万人,中国有1.6万人。


가상현실(VR) 기술이 교도소 수감자의 재활치료와 교육에 사용되는 날이 얼마 남지 않았다. 미국 지디넷은 뉴욕 기반의 스타트업 버츄얼 리햅(Virtual Rehab)이 VR 기술을 교도소 수감자들의 재활과 교육에 적용하고 있다고 24일(현지시각) 보도했다. 이 회사는 가상현실 기술을 성범죄자, 가정폭력 가해자 등의 수감자를 위한 교정 서비스와 재활 프로그램, 실제적인 직업교육에 적용하고 있다. … 현재 이 회사는 수감자에게 실생활에서 일어날 수 있는 갈등 상황을 가상현실을 통해 제공하고 이에 대한 반응을 살펴보며 모니터링 하고 있다.

ZDNet Korea ZDNet Korea

So, crime rates are a problem. Growing prison populations are a problem. And current rehabilitation efforts don’t seem to be working very well. What’s virtual reality got to do with any of that? … The uses for VR in the prison system are already being reported on in some cases as well, with Virtual Rehab helping spearhead the concept … Anyone that has spent any length of time inside a VR headset knows how transformative an experience it can be, so it’s no wonder that Virtual Rehab has their sights set on such a lofty goal.

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