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Paul Mears

Co-Founder @ Ammeris

Mr. Paul Mears is a member of Virtual Rehab’s Advisory Board.

A ‘maven’ is a deeply trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass their knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from Old Hebrew, meaning “one who understands.” This is the word that best defines Mr. Paul Mears, an experienced businessman, serial entrepreneur, and financial professional. He has held several senior positions and finance roles in a range of publicly and privately-owned companies located in several countries. Paul is a founding board member and chair at Ammeris, with previous management experience with the Middle Office at the Hedge Fund of Cambridge Strategy and co-founder of Modex Tech.
Mr. Mears started his career in accounting and finance before progressing into various commercial finance management roles. Since then, Mr. Mears has worked in accounting and business management to finally become a serial seed investor focusing in biotech, medical devices, fintech, technology and its applications. He brings invaluable experience as a business angel in over 20 companies, and specializes in token offerings, community engagement, and growth strategy formation at Ammeris.