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Press Kit

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We thank you for your interest in Virtual Rehab. We are working on many exciting initiatives and we are looking forward to revolutionizing the healthcare and the corrections industries worldwide.

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Virtual Rehab Overview

Virtual Rehab’s evidence-based solutions leverage the advancements in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies for psychological rehabilitation of vulnerable populations (pain management, prevention of substance use disorders, enhancement of autistic individuals’ communication skills, and rehabilitation of repeat offenders)

Every person in life deserves a second chance. Substance use addicts along with offenders are no exception to this rule. In fact, they are the ones that are in most dire need for help, support, and development to become improved citizens upon their release from rehab centers, hospitals, and prisons. This can only be realized through correctional and rehabilitation programs that will prepare them to lead their future lives in a positive manner in order to avoid the possibility of repeated offenses and substance use addiction.

There are approximately 255 million suffering from substance abuse and roughly $100 billion are being spent on addiction treatment worldwide. In addition, according to the International Centre for Prison Studies, the global prison population is currently set at 10.5 million. Prison budgets are also currently set at roughly $35.2 billion dollars worldwide. These numbers are huge and both costly to the governments, tax payers, and society as a whole.

Virtual Rehab believes that putting a kid in the corner does not teach them how to be a better person but rather teaches them not to get caught. Therefore, we are in it for the social good and to help address the most vulnerable populations out there.

Birth Certificate

Legal Name
Virtual Rehab, Inc. | Virtual Rehab Inc. | Virtual Rehab OÜ
Doing Business As
Virtual Rehab
Date of Birth
January 2017
Place of Incorporation
Canada, USA, Estonia

Virtual Rehab Logo

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Product Overview

Virtual Rehab’s all-encompassing solution covers the following pillars:

1- Virtual Reality: A virtual simulation of the real world using cognitive behavior and exposure therapy to trigger and to cope with temptations
2- Artificial Intelligence: A patented unique expert system to identify areas of risk, to make treatment recommendations, and to predict post-therapy behavior
3- Blockchain: A secure network to ensure privacy and decentralization of all data and all information relevant to vulnerable populations
4- VRH Token: An ERC20 utility token that empowers users to acquire services and to be rewarded for seeking help through Virtual Rehab’s online portal

Advisory Board

Virtual Rehab’s advisory board has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and global awards. You are welcome to read more about the Virtual Rehab Advisory Board by visiting the “Advisory Board” section on the Virtual Rehab homepage.

Media Coverage

Virtual Rehab has been covered by over 28 countries around the world. You are welcome to read these articles by clicking on any one of the logos under the “Media Coverage” section on the Virtual Rehab homepage.

Media Contact Detail

Dr. Raji Wahidy