SAMHSA CIO, Mr. Donald Cox, Joins Virtual Rehab’s Advisory Board

Virtual Rehab, the leader in reducing the number of repeated offenses and re-incarceration rates through Virtual Reality educational and rehabilitation programs, has announced today the joining of Mr. Donald Cox its Advisory Board.

Mr. Cox is the Chief Information Officer of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). SAMHSA is the agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of the nation. Charged with reducing the impact of substance abuse and mental illnesses on America’s communities, SAMHSA has made significant strides throughout its 22-year history and serves as a national and global leader in the field of behavioral health care.

“We are very pleased that Mr. Cox has accepted to join Virtual Rehab’s Advisory Board,” said Dr. Raji Wahidy, Founder and CEO of Virtual Rehab. “Mr. Cox brings over 30 years of experience in law enforcement and cybersecurity. He also has a rich experience as a detective, investigator, and working with the US Army. Mr. Cox’s experience, expertise, and global network will most definitely assist in taking Virtual Rehab to the very next level.”

In only 3 months, since its launch, Virtual Rehab has had much traction to report on including the following:

  • Selected by UploadVR, world’s largest Virtual Reality co-working space and incubator, to be part of their community in San Francisco, California
  • Several Department of Corrections in the USA have shown interest and provided Virtual Rehab with material to develop
  • Canada has shown interest in testing Virtual Rehab’s innovation. Proposal is currently under review
  • Signed a partnership agreement with Innovative Prison Systems (IPS) to resell Virtual Rehab’s product across all of Europe
  • Signed a partnership agreement with Command Sourcing, Inc. to resell Virtual Rehab’s product across the USA
  • Signed a partnership agreement with Interactive Healthcare Designs (IHD) to resell Virtual Rehab’s product to rehab centers within the USA
  • Extended a contract to 3 correctional facilities in Minneapolis. Proposal is currently under review
  • Virtual Rehab has been featured across over 25 countries (including 50 different articles by China)

“My years have been filled with helping others. It is part of my DNA,” said Mr. Donald Cox. “Virtual Rehab has a combination of tech (my newer found love) and helping others. The opportunity to be with the Virtual Rehab team on a journey that will prove to be an awakening, a disclosure of knowledge, and a revelation, is amazing. From my first experience with Dr. Wahidy I have felt a positive energy that channels through every aspect of Virtual Rehab and the team. Having worked in law enforcement I experienced recidivism. Studies and statistics show jails are overcrowded and cost tax payers millions. Alternative treatments in other forms have been proven to reduce recidivism. Virtual Rehab will push the boundaries of the possible and impact how and where we experience. The pace at which we learn will be increased by virtual technology to the likes no one can quantify at the moment.”

Virtual Rehab is also finalizing the agreement with a couple of equally high profile advisors to join its Advisory Board.

Virtual Rehab’s Virtual Reality-based immersive learning and rehabilitation programs’ trial version is readily available to customers. For any additional information on Virtual Rehab’s products and pricing, you may contact the sales team at sales(at)virtualrehab(dot)co.

About Virtual Rehab

Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Virtual Rehab leverages the advancements in Virtual Reality technology to reduce the number of repeated offenses and re-incarceration rates worldwide. Virtual Rehab’s services include Formal Education, Vocational Job Training, Psychological Rehabilitation, and Correctional Services Rehabilitation. Virtual Rehab believes that putting a kid in the corner does not teach them how to be a better person but rather teaches them not to get caught. Virtual Rehab is in it for the social good and helping the most vulnerable populations. Virtual Rehab also operates out of New York and San Francisco.

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