Statement Regarding the Virtual Rehab Public Sale (IEO)

Virtual Rehab’s evidence-based solutions leverage the advancements in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies for psychological rehabilitation of vulnerable populations (pain management, prevention of substance use disorders, enhancement of autistic individuals’ communication skills, and rehabilitation of repeat offenders)

Dear Virtual Rehab Supporters,

Hope you are doing well.

As many of you are aware, the Virtual Rehab Public Sale (IEO) was officially kicked-off on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2019 at 5:00 AM UTC.

The IEO was meant to last until October 12th, 2019.

Having said that, following internal consultation within the Virtual Rehab ecosystem, we have taken the difficult decision to put a stop to the IEO.

Although this may be disappointing to many out there, we have our reasons for doing so. We also see many positives coming out of this decision.

First and foremost, our engagement with Liquid was far from ideal despite our efforts to promote their exchange as we dealt with them as our partners. We have confronted numerous issues along the way, leading up to the IEO.

Ultimately, we took the decision to seize our engagement and not even consider listing with Liquid, irrespective of the results of the IEO. Unfortunately, we cannot share much more on that front, as we are under NDA and there are further actions which will be taken on the back of this engagement.

On a separate and more important front, as you all are aware, since 2017, Virtual Rehab’s mission has been to make use of our evidence-based solutions which leverage the latest and the greatest technology to help with psychological rehabilitation for vulnerable populations.

We have received numerous global awards and recognition for the work we have achieved over the past couple of years including those from the US and the Canadian governments, the United Nations, Microsoft, the Wall Street Journal, 2019 Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards, and many others.

Unfortunately, many people out there have voiced their concerns about our IEO — and made false claims that Virtual Rehab was going ahead with this IEO purely to raise money.

These individuals may be unfamiliar with the Virtual Rehab business or may have forgotten that we are an established company with a strong track record and that our utility was confirmed by Malta and Singapore.

However, these negative sentiments could have had a detrimental effect on our supporters and hence, we decided to do the moral thing, yet again, and seize the Public Sale altogether.

Our objective all along was to use the blockchain to provide a means to mask all data and all information relevant to these vulnerable populations, and give them a way to re-integrate back into society seamlessly. Moreover, we wanted researchers, healthcare practitioners, and even users to be able to have access to data that would allow them to further enhance the research into mental health and psychological well-being, along with data that patients can relate to and use as best practices to improve their conditioning.

The VRH utility token has four use cases:

  • Allows users to order and to download programs from the Virtual Rehab Online Portal
  • Allows users to request additional analysis and diagnosis (using Virtual Rehab’s patented unique expert system, which uses Artificial Intelligence — Predictive Analytics) of executed programs
  • Incentivizes users with VRH tokens reward for using our Virtual Rehab solution AND for seeking help and counselling from medical doctors, psychologists, and therapists (Proof of Therapy)
  • Allows users to acquire services, with complete anonymity, at the Virtual Rehab Therapy Center (VRTC)

Our mission continues to be the same and we will continue to pursue our VRH token offering. However, this will all be done without conducting a Public Sale.

By all means, this should certainly alleviate any concerns that we are conducting an IEO for the sole purpose of raising money.

As a consequence, the following steps shall be taken:

  • All participants that took part in the IEO will be contacted by Liquid to get an opportunity to return back their investment. Unfortunately, Liquid was not willing to share any detail about the investors. Hence, we are limited in our involvement in this matter
  • We will be smartdropping a percentage of the Virtual Rehab tokens, which were initially planned for the Public Sale — these will be targeted smartdrops with the objective of building a strong community, that is willing to participate in further contribution, promotion, and development of the Virtual Rehab mission — This will not be a traditional Airdrop where anyone can get hold of the VRH token. More information will be shared in the coming days

We thank everyone for your understanding and we trust that this should be an ideal solution to all parties involved.

And always remember …

Be Safe and Make a Difference in this World !!!

Peace Out !

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