Virtual Rehab New Contract Address

Virtual Rehab’s evidence-based solution leverages the advancements in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies for psychological rehabilitation of vulnerable populations (pain management, prevention of substance use disorders, enhancement of autistic individuals’ communication skills, and rehabilitation of repeat offenders)

Dear Virtual Rehab Community,

We hope you are doing well.

As per our Twitter communication a couple of days ago, we had several incidents where some of our major private investors have lost their private keys to their wallets. As a consequence, they were no longer able to access their Virtual Rehab (VRH) Tokens.

Unfortunately, we could not send replacement tokens over to them as that would mean lost VRH from our own total supply. Hence, as a one-off, and to accommodate the best interests of our community, we have re-deployed the Virtual Rehab contract.

Kindly find below the NEW Contract Address detail for the Virtual Rehab(VRH) token:

Token Contract Address


Token Symbol


Decimals of Precision


Please note that the old contract address (0x0914b7ae021c229b7A51fF936f8FFc8C81fbCEA7) is NO LONGER VALID.

Kindly remove the old address from your wallets, hide it, and add the new contract address shared above.

We will be re-distributing all new Virtual Rehab (VRH) tokens over the coming days.

All distribution will be made by the same admin of the old and of the new contract address:


We are also working with the Etherscan team to get the new contract address approved and verified.

And PLEAAAAAASE be reminded of the following:

  • Your Private Keys are extremely important; You lose them, you lose everything in your wallet
  • Always back-up your Private Keys and store them in a safe location
  • Use hardware wallets for added security
  • Apart from this occasion, if you do not follow the above recommendations, then we cannot do much. It is your responsibility to keep your private keys and your wallet safe, secure, and accessible
  • This is the last time we will re-deploy the Virtual Rehab (VRH) contract. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate any similar requests in the future

Thank you once again for your understanding and for your patience as we address this matter.

And always remember …

Be Safe and Make a Difference in this World !!!

Peace Out !

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