Virtual Rehab Partners With Securli To Protect Sensitive Patient Data

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual Rehab announces a partnership with Securli, the flagship Cybersecurity Defense System from Netswitch to assure that all client data stored on the Virtual Rehab platform is protected and secured from privacy intrusions.

Virtual Rehab is a revolutionary approach to offender, drug, and alcohol addiction education and rehabilitation which leverages advancements in Virtual and Augmented Reality technology to reduce the number of repeated offenses and re-incarceration rates worldwide.

Virtual Rehab’s technology is used in Formal Education, Vocational Job Training, Psychological Rehabilitation, and Correctional Services Rehabilitation by inmates, correctional officers, and rehab centers’ (drug and alcohol addicts) psychologists and treatment counselors.

“We were looking for an advanced cybersecurity platform that would assure that all of our sensitive and personal client data was secured in the maximum way possible,” says Dr. Raji Wahidy, Virtual Rehab’s founder and CEO. “As you can imagine, in an offender and an addiction treatment program of this nature, we collect and analyze some of the most sensitive and private personal information possible. Securli is the leading cybersecurity defense system for a good reason. None of their clients have ever been breached and that was a strong testimony for us.”

Virtual Rehab believes that putting a kid in the corner does not teach them how to be a better person but rather teaches them not to get caught. Virtual Rehab is interested in improving the long term social good and is passionate about using proven virtual reality technology as an innovative way to help address the challenges of a large and vulnerable population of patients who require advanced treatment techniques.

“We believe strongly in Dr. Wahidy’s mission,” says Stanley Li, CEO and founder of Netswitch. “That’s why we have been determined about committing additional investments in adapting our Securli system to this unique application. Given that the Virtual Rehab technology must accommodate both stand-alone and Internet-connected environments, the opportunity for compromise is heightened. We have been able to create operational versions of both in such a way as to virtually guarantee a fail-safe domain.”

Virtual Rehab is working with multiple correction facilities to deliver reduced recidivism and incarceration through virtual and augmented reality based immersive learning and rehabilitation programs.


Virtual Rehab is the world’s leader in reducing the number of repeated offenses and re-incarceration rates using immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality educational and rehabilitation programs. Virtual Rehab’s powerful tool is intended to rehabilitate rather than just punish.

Virtual Rehab is headquartered in Fresh Meadows, New York.


Netswitch is a global cyber-security solutions provider, serving businesses of all sizes through Securli®, its award-winning Managed Detection and Response platform.

Securli® technologies are in use at over 3,000 sites around the world providing 24×7 managed intrusion detection and prevention, advanced behavioral analytics, incident response and remediation and complete audit-ready regulatory compliance.

Netswitch is headquartered in San Francisco, California and serves the Middle East and APAC through its ASIA Pacific Headquarters in Hong Kong.



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