Why Does Virtual Rehab Need a Blockchain?

Virtual Rehab’s evidence-based solution uses Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, & Blockchain technology for Pain Management, Prevention of Substance Use Disorders, and Rehabilitation of Repeat Offenders.

The Million Dollar Question ! Why Blockchain?

Ladies and gentlemen, in order to answer this question, we must first look at the situation as of today and then delve into why blockchain?

So, let’s start …

As you already know by now, Virtual Rehab is dealing with vulnerable populations (addicts and repeat offenders). Unfortunately, many of these vulnerable populations end-up relapsing and re-offending since they never get a second chance at life. All of their information is completely exposed to the public, which prohibits them from moving forward in life or changing their life to become better people.

As a society, we tend to be judgmental. Nothing surprising there. However, that doesn’t make it right. In order to be a healthy society, we need to be able to give others a second chance, especially if they went through a tough period in their life, and made mistakes, and genuinely wanted to change to the better. We all make mistakes. Imagine if people stopped forgiving each other for every mistake made. No one would speak with another person ever. We would be all living in a silo. Now how healthy is that?

Punishment is Not the Solution

Therefore, in order to allow these vulnerable populations to have a second chance at life, we must find a way to:

  • Address their mental health disorders and psychological issues
  • Ensure that they have some sort of privacy

The first point regarding mental health and psychological well-being has been discussed at length in previous articles.

We discussed in our article entitled, “Virtual Rehab’s All-Encompassing Solution,” the ways in which Virtual Rehab is tackling these issues. To summarize, Virtual Rehab is leveraging Virtual Reality (A virtual simulation of the real world using cognitive behavior and exposure therapy to trigger and to cope with temptations) and Artificial Intelligence (A unique expert system to identify areas of risk, to make treatment recommendations, and to predict post-therapy behavior) to further address the underlying mental health disorders.

We also shared that existing studies by leading universities supported our own work, which demonstrated that 87% of participating patients have shown an overall improvement across various metrics within the following categories:

1- Problem Recognition & Acceptance
2- Openness to Change
3- Locus of Control
4- Decision-Making Influences
5- Emotional Intelligence & Regulation
6- Motivation & Resilience

To help put things in perspective, below is an overview of the Virtual Rehab solution:

So, on to the second point — the privacy issue ! How can we tackle that?

Well …

That’s where the blockchain kicks-in? The question is how?

The blockchain will first and foremost allow us to tap into the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) market. We had a great deal of demand to offer this directly to consumers and as always, we never disappoint. However, before we rush into offering any kind of solution to the public, we had to study our next steps very well and do it in the most secure and the most efficient manner.

Blockchain will allow us to solve the privacy and the protection of all data and all information of these vulnerable populations and in a decentralized manner. Now, how neat is that?

However, that’s not the end of it. There is way more than that.

Our $VRH utility token has three clear use cases:

  • It will allow users to order and download programs straight from our Virtual Rehab Online Portal
  • It will allow users to request further analysis of the executed programs through our Virtual Rehab Online Portal. These programs will then be run through our unique expert system, which leverages Artificial Intelligence, in order to identify areas of risk, make treatment recommendation (along with any prescribed medication), and predict the future behavior of the user post therapy session
  • Last, but definitely not least, and something that we are extremely excited about is “Proof of Therapy”. Yes. That is correct. If the user actually proves to us that he or she has sought help and counseling from a medical doctor, psychologist, or therapist in order to improve their mental health and psychological well-being, then we will reward him or her with $VRH tokens, which the user can claim straight from our Virtual Rehab Online Portal. The user can then trade these $VRH tokens on exchanges for $$ or use these tokens to purchase additional services from our the portal.

Now, we have been asked this a lot. Are we going to offer our programs and our expert analysis only in $VRH tokens?

The answer is simple:

We obviously want to promote the use of our $VRH tokens. Having said that, we will initially offer our services in Fiat and $VRH tokens.

So why would anyone use the $VRH tokens if the Fiat option is there?

Well … They are more than welcome to use the Fiat option. However, it will be at a premium. In other words, the same program that they would purchase, if offered, for example, at $100 in Fiat, it will be offered at 800 $VRH ($80). Therefore, it will be cheaper to order our programs in $VRH versus Fiat. Eventually, once we have more mass adoption of our $VRH token, we will stop offering the Fiat option.

Makes sense?

Anyway, that’s all we have for today. In case you have any more questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Drop in at our Telegram channel. We have over 20k members, so we would love to have more.

Oh, one more thing ! Our Private Sale is now OPEN ! So, if you are interested in supporting us (and we hope you do), then please drop us a line at investors@virtualrehab.co and we would be happy to tell you more.

And always remember …

Be Safe and Make a Difference in this World !!!

Peace Out !

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